Earn rewards for sharing the Koha Ora product range.

Share Koha Ora products and support the health of your network: while being financially rewarded through our reseller/wholesale program.

Join the Koha Ora reseller/wholesale program

Passionate about Koha Ora CBD? Do you tell everyone about your CBD experience? If so, we would like to reward you for your effort.
How? Simply become a certified Koha Ora reseller/retailer.

Unique no-stock friendly system

Being a Koha Ora reseller or wholesaler removes the headache of stock counting(holding stock), product storage and running out of stock. Simply direct potential customers to our online store via your unique reseller link, when they purchase, you earn attractive commissions. Wholesale is still available to those who wish to use it.

Smart brochures

Make reseller linking with potential customers smart and simple by adding your unique reseller link to our brochures. Retailers can place our brochures throughout their store for advertising.

Build your business while abroad with our European outreach

Remove the limits put in place by other reseller programs. With Koha Ora you can build your business anywhere in Europe with your unique reseller link.

How does the Koha Ora reseller/wholesale program work?

Join our Reseller Network, then link potential customers to our online store via your referral link, banner ads, brochures, website advertisements and more. When they purchase you are rewarded.

How much will I earn?

You'll receive up to 35% commission on sales referred via your unique reseller link or sold via wholesale.

Does it cost anything to become an reseller/wholesaler?

Participation is free with no hidden costs.
The process is simple:
Sign up to our reseller program. Make a plan on how you are going to sell our product, example: Via brochures, personal website/blog advertisements, face to face sales etc. Follow through on that plan and be rewarded.

Products you can have confidence in

Koha Ora means living gift - we make sure our products are the greatest gifts.
Product quality is at the foundation of our business:
• Manufactured in a renowned facility
• Each batch is third-party lab tested to ensure consistent product quality.
• Grown on artisan European farms

Register now and start earning tomorrow!

To get started email Further correspondence will require resellers to provide social media accounts/websites they plan to promote us on. Retailers will be asked for their: company name, website and social media (if applicable), photos of their brick and mortar store. You can then register your account which will be upgraded upon application acceptance.